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A sustainable fiber source for the global textile market


Discover the sustainable beauty of nettle fiber

Nettle Circle, a Swiss company, is revolutionizing textiles with eco-friendly nettle fibers, advanced tracking and controlled harvesting. With HILAYA®, its sustainable fiber from the Himalayan Girardinia Diversifolia nettle, we promote biodiversity and support local communities. HILAYA® fiber is versatile and high-quality, suitable for a wide range of applications.



Spinning Companies

At Nettle Circle, we're committed to providing spinning companies with sustainable nettle fibers of the highest quality, crafted using advanced techniques. Our HILAYA® nettle Fiber works seamlessly with ring, rotor, and worsted spinning processes, making them easy to use. Plus, their ability to blend with other materials enhances their performance, making them perfect for eco-friendly textile production.

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Vertically Integrated Brands

We provide valuable insights into the versatile applications of nettle fibers in various industries. From fashion to home essentials, our fiber utilization expertise empowers businesses to embrace sustainable and durable solutions.  

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Nettle Circle provides non-woven clients with premium-grade nettle fiber HILAYA®, ensuring sustainable and efficient production methods. What distinguishes us in the textile fiber sector is our dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. Additionally, our fibers HILAYA® can be felted to 100%, leveraging its durable and thermic characteristics across diverse applications.

Discover the potential of our HILAYA® nettle fibers.

Davide Boschetti - R&D and Sustainability Manager MIC spa

"We are pleased to collaborate with Nettle Circle: working together has strengthened our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The new yarn jointly developed highlights how the synergy between companies with shared ideals can drive responsible innovation."

Patrick Strumpf - CEO - Haelixa

“We are thrilled to work with Nettle Circle and their innovative nettle fiber, HILAYA®. We are incorporating our unique DNA-based markers to ensure complete traceability from origin to finished product. This will establish transparent supply chains, promote low-impact fibers, and set a new market benchmark for trust and accountability.”
Textile Industry


Innovative Nettle Fiber Providing Sustainable Solutions for the Textile Industry

At Nettle Circle, we are committed to redefining the textile industry by integrating nettle fibers into industry-standard production. Our mission is to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional materials while advancing eco-conscious textile development, starting with enhancing existing fibers. We stand out by embracing a novel approach to nettle fiber manufacturing, ensuring sustainability, durability, traceability, and versatility in every product. Our dedication to ethical practices and product excellence defines our commitment to the industry and our partners.


Sustainable strategy

By ensuring transparency and security, certifications empower our customers and partners to select high-quality, environmentally friendly products with confidence. HILAYA® Nettle fiber is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified and marked with Haelixa’s DNA tracking technology.

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